SuperYacht Services
in Tahiti since 1995
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Please request a copy of our YACHT FOLDER with a comprehensive description of all our services and tariffs.

To the captain and bridge officers

Cruise planning through French Polynesia and other South Pacific islands

Clearance in Tahiti and other islands

Visa and bond arrangements for crew and guests

Dockage and pilot arrangements

Helicopter authorization

Charter license

GSM and SAT TV decoder rentals


Parcel or express mail clearance and export

Shipyard coordination

Accounting and banking facilities

Charter APA and tax management

To the engineers

Duty free fuel

Engine parts and supplies

Jet fuel and gasoline

Lub oils and used oil removal

Repairs and maintenance jobs

Sludge removal

To the deck officers

Deck parts and supplies

Day workers

Repairs and maintenance jobs

Security and ISPS arrangements


To the galley

Fresh provisions

Beverages and wine supplies

Galley parts and supplies

Wine testing

To the interior department

Car rental at preferred rates

Carpet cleaning

Express mail

Flower arrangements

Interior cleaning supplies

Appliance repairs and maintenance

Laundry and dry cleaning

Tahitian atmosphere selection of beauty goods

To the owners and guests

Airport meet & greet and transport

Charter planes and helicopters

Concierge services

Cruise planning and itineraries

Dive guides

Guided tours and excursions

Hotel bookings at preferred rates

Massage, spa and beauty care

Traditional dance shows in most islands

Yacht and fishing boat charter

To the crew

Advice and assistance

Medical care

Preferred rates on many hotels, car rental and tours

Travel arrangements